What are they, what makes them different, where and why are they used?

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Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

PFAS: missed the second consultation deadline? Learn what to do now!
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Help Stop illegal imports of HFCs into the EU

Use the anonymous EFCTC integrity line to learn about, and report, illicit HFC activity.

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Learn about the black market for HFCs in Europe.

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Properties of HFCs, HFOs
and HCFOs

Montreal to Kigali

The road to HFOs and reducing environmental impact.

Climate change & Environment

Find out more on the environmental impact of HFCs and HFOs.

F-Gas Regulation review

What is the current legal framework and what is happening now?

The Ozone Regulation Review

The EU ‘Ozone Regulation’ – Regulation (EC) 1005/2009 on substances that deplete the ozone layer – provides the legal basis for the protection of the ozone layer within the European Union.

News & Press Releases

14 January 2022 News

A new study demonstrates that HFC-23 (CF3H) is not formed during the decomposition of HFOs and HCFOs in the troposphere

Summary Most HFOs and HCFOs decompose in the atmosphere via an intermediate product that then breaks down further to give hydrogen fluoride (HF) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The breakdown of the interme...
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16 December 2021 Press Release

EFCTC welcomes the European Commission proposal to strengthen the protection of the environment through criminal law.

The European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee (EFCTC) welcomes the adoption of the proposal from the Commission on the revision of the Environmental Crime Directive (COM (2021) 851 final on 15 Decemb...
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02 December 2021 Press Release

The European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC) welcomes the report on Fluorinated greenhouse gases 2021 published today by the European Environment Agency.

The European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC) welcomes the publication of a new report by the European Environment Agency on fluorinated greenhouse gases. The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases 202...
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Position Papers

19 January 2022

The case for a large natural source of TFA in the oceans is extremely strong, well- documented, and scientifically supported.

The large body of scientific data shows that anthropogenic sources are not responsible for the majority of TFA in the oceans. Click below to read the EFCTC Position paper. Should you have commen...
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09 August 2021

Published evidence supports very low yields of TFA from most HFOs and HCFOs

Summary EFCTC has analysed the most current, peer reviewed scientific papers on the potential contribution of HFOs and HCFOs, containing the CF3CH= moiety, to existing and future TFA levels. The co...
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20 July 2021

EFCTC ready to continue assisting in building robust and comprehensive data sets for the PFAS Registry of Intentions for a REACH restriction

EFCTC notes the publication of the Registry of Intentions for a REACH- restriction by Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden and looks forward to working with the authorities to ensur...
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Back to Basics Videos

The chemistry HFOs, HFCs & HCFOs as well as climate and evironment related questions can get very technical. Discover a range of videos and fact sheets that might help



The chemistry HFOs, HFCs & HCFOs as well as climate and evironment related questions can get very technical. Discover a range of infographics that might help


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