New heat pumps using R-32 or R-454B for the European Market

21 March 2024

New heat pumps have become available on the market that use low GWP R-32 or R-454B and offer improved heating and cooling efficiency for a wide range of commercial applications, such as office buildings and hotels. One new series of R-32 units are factory-filled supporting installation by engineers for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology without any problems. Available from 15 to 41 kW they achieve improved efficiencies with SCOP values of up to 4.76 for low-temperature applications and SCOP 3.48 for medium temperatures.

Two new air-to-water heat pump ranges, using mildly flammable R-454B refrigerant (GWP 466), cover the capacity range 45 to 700 kW. One range is optimised with the combination of an inverter scroll compressor, EC fans and a control system to adjust capacity output to changes in building load, has increased seasonal efficiencies up to 4.06 heating and 4.72 cooling, and is designed to function at ambient temperatures down to -25ºC and up to 60ºC hot water. The second range of packaged air-to-water scroll heat pumps is specifically designed for low ambient heating solutions thanks to its vapour and liquid injection large scroll compressors.

A new series of heat pump chillers, available with capacities of 50kW/75kW/100kW, use mildly flammable R-32 refrigerant (GWP 675).  Proprietary technologies, such as an advanced "e-3D scroll" compressor, contribute to the energy saving performance and environmental protection by delivering the industry's top-tier SCOP of 4.59 by the 50kW-class, combined with an approximately 43% reduction in refrigerant charge volume, compared to R-410A. The compressor and water pump are inverter controlled which enables optimal operation control depending on the load. The remote control allows setting and adjustment of up to 20 air-cooled heat pump chillers with intuitive touch operation.

SCOP: Seasonal Coefficient of Performance: It is the performance indicator during the heating season. The higher the value, the greater the energy saving.


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