The HFOs and HCFOs are becoming the refrigerants of choice for large chillers due to their ultra-low GWPs, energy efficiency, and low or non-flammability. HCFO-1233zd(E) centrifugal chillers from 3 different manufacturers have received environment awards around the world for their class leading performance using this non-flammable refrigerant with GWP of 1. Its boiling point of 18.3°C makes it ideal for low pressure centrifugal chillers delivering high efficiencies.

In Japan, a HCFO-1233zd(E) centrifugal chiller series was awarded the Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity. They achieve Coefficient of Performance (COP 6.7) and Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV 11.2) that are in the highest levels for this class of chiller. Annual power consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 60% compared to the previous chiller series that used a high GWP HFC refrigerant. The chillers can also be used as a heat pump to supply hot water, suitable for applications for low-temperature heating equipment for example at food or beverage plants.

Source: Benzinga

In Dubai, a HCFO-1233zd(E) centrifugal chiller was the winner of a Middle East North Africa (MENA) Green Building Product of the Year in the Energy Management category. Organized by the Emirates Green Building Council and officially endorsed by the World Green Building Council, the MENA Green Building Awards recognize products available in the Middle East and North Africa region that deliver significantly improved sustainability performance. The same chiller had also won the UK RAC 2019 cooling industry awards air-conditioning product of the year for its “truly innovative re-invention of existing technology and a real environmental advance.”

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In the USA, a HCFO-1233zd(E) centrifugal chiller with magnetic bearings was named one of the Top 10 Products for 2020 at the Greenbuild conference in Atlanta. The chiller uses low-maintenance magnetic levitation bearings technology, which improves energy efficiency and is optimised for use with HCFO-1233zd(E). The chiller variable speed design provides good energy efficiencies in off-design conditions where typical fixed-speed chillers experience performance issues and it can potentially reduce annual electricity consumption by 35% on average.

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