VDKF reports 1.12% average leakage rates from all plant types in 2022

15 September 2023

In its current "Analysis of Refrigerant Emissions", the VDKF (Association of German Refrigeration-Air Conditioning Specialists) has evaluated information from over 238,000 refrigeration and air conditioning systems at 54,000 operators, which was transmitted anonymously via its industry software "VDKF-LEC". VDKF highlights the most important result: The average refrigerant leakage rate of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in Germany has fallen again! Including accidents, it was only 1.12% in 2022 on average for all plant types (air conditioning systems, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and special systems), in 2017 it was three times as high at 3.2%. VDKF states this is a remarkable success for the entire refrigeration/air conditioning industry and proof that manufacturers, plant manufacturers and operators are attaching increasing importance to the tightness of systems and that the share of direct greenhouse gas emissions in total emissions is shrinking.

Average leakage rate of all recorded plants in Germany


VDKF-LEC industry software is a practical tool for monitoring refrigeration and air conditioning systems, providing legally compliant documentation for operators and specialist companies. The European regulations and standards - e.g. EU Regulation 517/2014 (F-Gas Regulation) and EU Regulation 1005/2009 - as well as national legislation - e.g. Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV) and Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance (ChemKlimaschutzV) - pose comprehensive tasks for operators of refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration and air conditioning specialists. These include, among other things, regular leakage checks, emission reduction, energy efficiency, maintenance tasks, protocol obligations and the recording of direct and indirect emissions. Further information is available here.

The VDKF Analysis of Refrigerant Emissions is available here VDKF-LEC evaluation shows: continuously decreasing refrigerant leaks - VDKF.

The VDKF Analysis of Refrigerant Emissions is reported in Cooling Post.

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