Reducing transport refrigeration emissions using HFC-410A and R-452A

08 July 2022

Hermetic home delivery refrigeration unit reduces emissions: A transport refrigeration unit, for use on delivery vehicles for home delivery, has received a technology award in Japan. The hermetic unit, which uses non-flammable R-410A and a twin rotary compressor, according to manufacturer’s specification, contributes to reducing CO2 and saving energy by automatically switching between plug-in charging, run charging and battery operation to match the vehicle conditions, for example when the vehicle is running or stopped. It automatically selects between three power modes (power saving, high efficiency and high power) based on the cargo room temperature and refrigerator's battery level. These modes achieve a reduction in the amount of energy consumed by 14 to 54% in comparison with conventional refrigeration units and can contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. The technology award from the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) is given for outstanding technical achievements that significantly contribute towards the development of refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

Source: JCN Newswire and Manufacturer’s product specification



Refrigerated transport fleet achieves 50% reduction in emissions: An evaluation, including refrigerant use and leakage across a fleet of more than 2000 trailer refrigeration units over a four-year period, demonstrated that a combination of non-flammable R-452A refrigerant and all-electric engineless technology for the trailer refrigeration units delivered close to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions. The closed refrigeration system uses a fully hermetic scroll compressor and is capable of operating ultra-efficiently on both diesel and electric power. The system uses a power module, which converts power from the truck’s own engine into electricity to drive the electric refrigeration units. Non-flammable R-452A (GWP 2141) is widely used for transport refrigeration as it is a lower GWP drop-in replacement in R-404A (GWP 3922).

Source: Fleet Transport

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