Lower GWP HFC refrigerant blends deliver improved performance

01 April 2022

The lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-454B has been selected by one manufacturer as the optimum solution for use in rooftop applications across Europe. The refrigerant R-454B is a lower flammability A2L blend of R-32/1234yf (68.9/31.1), with a GWP of 466 (F-gas value). The manufacturer believes that R-454B offers the optimum solution for rooftop systems in terms of total environmental impact, cost, safety and ease of use. It delivers significantly lower GWP and improved efficiency, and R-454B's properties enable a 10% reduction in refrigerant charge compared with R-410A, further contributing to the lower total environmental impact. The new generation of rooftop units will exceed the 2021 requirements of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive by up to 42% for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and up to 10% for Seasonal Coefficient of Performance.

Source: Refrigeration Industry

Explanatory note: Seasonal efficiency rating system for heating and cooling products must be used by all manufacturers. These are SEER- the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio value in cooling and SCOP -the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance value in heating.

Low temperature outdoor refrigeration units, optimised for A2L low GWP refrigerants such as R-454A (F-gas GWP 239), R-454C (GWP 148) and R-455A (GWP 148), are available in Europe. The new optimized scroll compressors reduce power consumption and saves operating cost and the refrigeration units provide benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety for wholesalers, installers, and system operators. The condensing units have a modified hermetic design and a reduced refrigerant charge due to a mini channel condenser. They also meet space and noise constraints for refrigeration applications.

Source: Refrigeration Industry

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