28 May 2021

In this round-up: The issue of illegal trade was an important theme of the F-gas Regulation stakeholder meeting, with a range of policy options discussed and welcomed in the EFCTC press release; The “abuse and misuse” of the T1 transit procedure has been raised by MEPs; eBay taking steps against the illegal trade of HFCs; Illegal trade in refrigerants is a global issue- China reports that illegal export prevented of almost 2,000 metric tons of ODS substances; More information about illegal trade is available at Stop illegal cooling - EFCTC.

EFCTC press release following stakeholder meeting: EFCTC are pleased to see that the many measures that we have been demanding to improve the enforcement of the current regulation and to combat the illegal trade in HFCs are in the options presented by the consultants in the stakeholder workshop. EFCTC looks forward to these being included in the proposal for the F-gas revision from the European Commission that will be published towards the end of 2021. The Briefing paper for the Stakeholder workshop includes options on detailed rules to empower customs and surveillance authorities and EU Member States and facilitate the use of the EU “single window environment for Customs” as well as minimum penalties for non-compliance. Requirements on T1 transit, identified by EFCTC as one of the major routes for illegal HFCs in the EU, new prohibitions on the transport, storage and use of non-refillable containers as well as limiting the market players to legitimate participants are also included. Read the complete press release here.

The “abuse and misuse” of the T1 transit procedure and its contribution to the illegal trade in HFC refrigerants has been raised by MEPs have raised with the Commission in the context of the F-gas Regulation review. See Cooling Post.

eBay taking steps against the illegal trade of HFCs. Recognizing the important role for online platforms in halting the illegal market for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), eBay has strengthened its measures to further enforce the evolution of the EU regulations regarding the sale of refrigerants. See 19.04.21-eBay-taking-steps-against-the-illegal-trade-of-HFCs.pdf (

Illegal export prevented of almost 2,000 metric tons of ODS substances. China's Office for the Management of ODS Import and Export has managed to prevent about 1,984 metric tons of ozone depleting substances from being exported illegally, according to the country's top environmental authority. See China Daily.

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