31 May 2020

In this round-up: EFCTC explains the aims of the illegal trade information hub website; Le Monde reports on the effects of illegal trade; and illegal HFCs seized by Bulgarian customs officials.

EFCTC steps up fight against illegal trade of HFCs: As illegal trade in HFCs (hydrofluorocarbon gases) continues to flourish across Europe, EFCTC has launched a dedicated website. The website aims to raise awareness of the issue and provide information to the value chain and other interested parties about how we can take action against it together. The website is intended for all actors in the supply chain – from manufacturers and traders, to end users and authorities. The complete press release can be read here and visit the website at

Le Monde. In an extensive article, the effects of illegal trade in HFCs coupled with poor service practice for recovering HFCs are explored and their impacts explained. Steps to improve detection and the enforcement of sanctions are described as playing an important role in reducing illegal imports and poor service practice. The complete Le Monde article is here.

Seizures of illegal HFCs. BULGARIA: Customs officers seized nearly 500 kg of illegal R-134a and R-404A in illegal non-refillable cylinders at the border with Turkey (see Cooling Post). Note that many small illegal shipments can contribute to a substantial quantity of illegal HFCs.

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