30 January 2021

An award-winning data centre modernisation transformed the cooling efficiency by installing variable speed oil-free centrifugal chillers, compatible with HFO and HFO based refrigerants. An HFC-32 Heat Pump Chiller has received an energy saving award in Japan for its industry-leading coefficient of performance.

The data centre modernisation installed chillers compatible with the low GWP refrigerants mildly flammable HFO-1234ze(E), and the non-flammable HFO/HFC blend refrigerants R513A and R515B. The addition of free cooling to the super-efficient variable speed chillers, and variable primary and secondary chilled water circuits resulted in lower energy use and greater environmental control. Improved system air management allowed a rise in chilled water temperatures, increasing chiller efficiency, and resulting in an additional benefit of a dramatic increase in the free cooling window.

The HFC-32 heat pump chiller series use an improved scroll compressor that reduces leakage loss [back flow] which improves efficiency at low loads. Improved heat exchanger design and larger fans result in 20% efficiency improvement compared to previous models. Further, this series offers approximately 55% energy reduction compared to absorption-type heating/cooling units. The R-32 refrigerant, has about one-third the global warming potential (GWP) of R-410A refrigerant and the chillers have a 28% reduction in refrigerant charge volume compared to previous models. The heat pump chillers are used to provide hot and cold water for building air conditioning systems, or various types of industrial facilities.

The ECCJ Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards recognize outstanding energy-saving initiatives at businesses or workplaces that serve as examples for other companies, or outstanding energy-saving products and business models. The awards program was created to contribute to the realization of an energy-saving society by raising energy conservation awareness throughout Japan and promoting the adoption of energy-saving products.


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