• Revised and updated web page for Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) including the announced use of HFC-152a, comparison of carbon footprints for MDIs and DPIs and the contribution to global warming from the use of propellants for MDIs.
  • The evidence is that TFA occurs naturally in the environment. Doubt has been raised by some that TFA occurs naturally in the environment in large quantities. However, the evidence is clear and irrefutable. Over 200 million tonnes are present in the oceans, both coastal and deep-ocean seawater, having apparently accumulated over many million years from chemical reactions in or around sub-sea volcanic vents. The occurrence of other fluorinated organic substances that occur naturally is also well established, for example CF4 is naturally present in granites and fluorites in the continental crust. The new section in the ‘Learn about TFA’ on our website sets outs the evidence.
  • LA PRATIQUE DU FROID 6ème edition. The 6th edition is completely updated and all essential points on French and European regulations have been included. This sixth edition includes new data sheets on refrigerants (including HFC-HFO mixtures, HFO), the conversion of R 404A. It is aimed at all refrigeration professionals as well as all young people who are new to the profession. The book can be purchased from this website
  • The Events page is updated.
  • A link has been added: Gazzetta Ufficiale de la Repubblica Italiana: Decreto Legislativo 5 Dicembre 2019, n.163
    Disciplina sanzionatoria per la violazione delle disposizioni di cui al regolamento (UE) n 517/2014 sui fluorurati a effetto serra e che abroga il regolamento (CE) n. 842/2006. (19G001170) (GU Serie Generale n.1 del 02-01-2020).