01 March 2021

The Commission webinar (26th January 2021) on the review of the Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation 1005/2009 provided further information on the Commission’s approach. Two important points are the indication that discussions of any controls for HCFOs would take place under the F-gas review and that options to limit feedstock use of ODS had been dropped from the consultant’s short-list of potential measures but proposed a negative list of feedstock uses. The Commission intends to produce an impact assessment and aims to adopt a proposal in Q4 2021.

In response to the request to provide any further comments by 15th February 2021, EFCTC submitted a new position paper on feedstocks. It expands on the response to the public consultation and includes a case study on routes to TFE monomer, used to manufacture PTFE and other fluorinated polymers, setting out in detail why HCFC-22 is used as the feedstock. This compliments the EFCTC position paper on the HCFOs and their very low but non-zero ODPs, submitted as part of the ODS Regulation Review Public Consultation.

During the webinar, it was explained that the consultants had reviewed 48 policy options and screened them for:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Legal feasibility
  • Enforcement feasibility
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • General feasibility

In addition, participants in the webinar noted the need for consistency with the F-gas Regulation and Customs regulations.

The EFCTC home page has a link to a new web page dedicated to the Ozone Regulation Review.

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