11 October 2020

The production of precision parts requires tightly controlled process conditions and refrigeration technology plays an essential role as it ensures consistent parameters and a high level of process reliability. A German company has installed a new R-513A system that increases cooling capacity and reduces energy consumption.

The company concluded that R-513A offers numerous advantages for its processes: “It has a lower GWP value (global warming potential) and, therefore, it is comparatively environmentally friendly. In addition, R513A is non-flammable, safe refrigerant. Unlike flammable refrigerants, it is subject to less stringent regulations in terms of its handling as well as the maintenance intervals and compulsory leak tests of the system. This saves time and money.”

The production of precision stampings and, in particular, the hardening systems consume a lot of energy and energy efficiency is an essential criterion for the production company. The refrigeration system includes a new dry cooler with a refrigeration output of 250 kW. During winter, this dry cooler takes over the complete load of the two systems and supports them in-between seasons. As a result, the compressor energy for the two refrigeration systems is reduced by 100%.

R-513A is an A1 non-flammable HFC/HFO blend refrigerant with a GWP of 631.

Source: MarketScreener and manufacturer’s information

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