EFCTC COMMENT ON RECENT PAPER “Ice Core Record Of Persistent Shortchain Fluorinated Alkyl Acids: Evidence Of The Impact From Global Environmental Regulations”.

01 June 2020

EFCTC welcomes the informative paper reporting on ice core record of persistent shortchain fluorinated alkyl acids (scPFCAs). It adds to the extensive academic papers and reviews about environmental effects of Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), both natural and from HFCs/HFOs. However, the focus on scPFCAs as a group has resulted in some ambiguities or potential misinterpretations. To clarify these, it is necessary to take into account important points. Read or download the complete EFCTC position paper here.

EFCTC has also issued a press release which notes that the paper adds to, and reinforces, the extensive scientific work that has been carried out over the past decade on the breakdown products from CFC replacements and, in particular, TFA. It is important to note that previous scientific studies have shown that TFA and its salts present negligible risk to organisms higher on the food chain, including humans. They do not bio-concentrate in aquatic organisms, and do not bio-magnify in the food chain. This paper is an important addition to the scientific knowledge on TFA and the breakdown products of CFC replacements and it essential that its results are taken in context with previous work. The press release can be read here.

A wide range of information about TFA is available here.