Centrifugal chillers using HFC & HFO refrigerants designed for optimum performance

15 March 2023

Centrifugal chillers have long service lifetimes of typically 30 years and offer reliability and performance efficiency. HFC and HFO based refrigerants are widely used due to their technical and safety properties, with low or non-flammability being required for many locations. One equipment manufacturer now offers its oil-free water cooled centrifugal chiller with non-flammable R-515B refrigerant (GWP 293 AR4 F-gas). The chiller was initially available with non-flammable R-134a and R-513A (GWP 631). The chiller is particularly well suited for 24/7 applications such as hospitals and data centres, is capable of maintaining performance in severe, extreme and unexpected operational and weather conditions, The compressor technology with magnetic bearings, provides expanded operating range while improving chiller energy efficiency and building resiliency.

Four centrifugal chillers, designed for use with non-flammable R-134a, R-513A (or low flammable R-1234ze), have been supplied for installation on a world-cruising ship. The project is part of the ship operator’s efforts to improve energy efficiency and ensure reliable and efficient cooling on board. The chillers have been designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of the maritime industry, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of prolonged use at sea. In addition to reliability, one of the main drivers for selecting the chillers was energy efficiency, achieved through the use of the free cooling option. This means that the chillers can make use of the favourable outdoor conditions to cool the ship’s interior spaces, reducing the energy required to run the cooling system.

Sources manufacturers’ information and for the R-515B chiller:  Refrigeration Industry

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