Promising start for the Illegal Trade Action Line. The use of the Action Line is completely confidential and independently operated by a specialized consultant, but EFCTC has been informed about the level of activity on the Action Line. Over 50 submissions of reports about possible illegal trade activities have been reported. The Action Line functionality is being improved and technical issues identified during its initial use are being addressed.

The Broad Impact of Illegal HFC Imports on the F-Gas Regulation. A new leaflet explaining the areas of F-Gas Regulation activity that are being affected is available. Industry strives to ensure that the F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 objectives and measures are delivered through significant investment in new refrigerants and equipment designs, training and certification for service engineers and a robust supply chain. There is considerable impact of Illegal HFC imports on the whole refrigeration and air-conditioning industry and its supply chain, in particular for those companies that have invested to supply refrigerants, equipment and services within the constraints set out in the Regulation.

The leaflet is available as a webpage or pdf

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