Questions and Answers – Transportation, handling and labelling

The Regulation imposes labelling requirements. Do I need to place a label on the products I sell?

The following products and equipment have to bear a label showing the chemical name of the fluorinated gases they contain. The label must clearly indicate that the product or equipment contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol and their quantity.

  • Refrigeration products and equipment which contain perfluorocarbons or preparations containing perfluorocarbons;
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning products and equipment (other than those contained in motor vehicles), heat pumps, fire protection systems and fire extinguishers, if the respective type of product or equipment contains hydrofluorocarbons or preparations containing hydrofluorocarbons;
  • Switchgear which contains sulphur hexafluoride or preparations containing sulphur hexafluoride; and
  • All fluorinated greenhouse gas containers.

Where does the label have to be placed?

The label needs to be clearly and indelibly stated on the product or equipment, adjacent to the service points for charging or recovering the fluorinated greenhouse gas, or on that part of the product or equipment which contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas (i.e. thermostatic expansion valves, etc.). Hermetically sealed systems need to be labelled as such.

How and where do I obtain the label?

Please contact the trade association representing the F-gas application sector to which your business activities belong for further information.

When will the labelling obligations enter into force?

The labelling provision, like most other provisions of the Regulation, entered into force on 4 July 2006. However, it will only become applicable as of 4 July 2007.