What label information is required?

The following information can be added to an existing label or a new label :

  • The words ‘Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol’
  • The abbreviated name(s) for the F-Gas, already used by industry. This is already present on F-Gas container labels and most if not all equipment.

The quantity of the F-Gas in the product or equipment but:

  • Where F-Gases are added outside of the manufacturing site at the point of installation, the label should show the quantity added at the manufacturing site and the quantity added at the installation site, and the total quantity. The total quantity determines the inspection requirements for containment.
  • Containers regularly contain varying amounts of F-Gases, and in this case the quantity listed shall be the maximum amount rated for the container. This is already a requirement under other legislation.

For refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing F-Gases as blowing agent for insulating foam, the label shall have the words “Foam blown with fluorinated greenhouse gases”. This applies to equipment that is insulated before it is placed on the market.

Commission guidance indicates that the foam labelling requirements only apply to refrigeration equipment that contains F-Gases in the refrigeration circuit. However good practice suggests that it important to ensure that the foam blowing agent can be identified for equipment that lies outside the scope of the F-Gas provisions. Hermetically sealed systems shall include on the label the words ‘hermetically sealed’ on the label.