Training & Certification activities under the Regulation

These activities are:

  • Installation, servicing and maintaining of
    • refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment
    • fire protection systems
  • Mandatory leak checking of these installation
  • Recovery of fluorinated gases from these systems
  • Recovery of fluorinated solvents from solvents containing equipment
  • Recovery of SF6 from high-voltage switchgear
  • Recovery of fluorinated gases from cylinders and containers prior to scrapping.

These minimum requirements had to be established by 4 July 2007 to form the basis for training and certfication programmes of the Member States to be adapted by 4 July 2008. Such certificates issued in one Member State will be recognised in all other Member States.

For systems with fluorinated gases other than those specified above (e.g. mobile refrigeration and air conditioning) unless it is serving military operations, the described activities have to be carried out by appropriately qualified personnel – an additional certfication is not required!

By 4 July 2009, companies involved in carrying out leakage checking and recovery shall only take delivery of fluorinated gases where their personnel holds the relevant certificates.