Personnel certification bodies

The “certification bodies” entitled to grant certificates are designated by each Member State. Member States are free to individually authorise companies engaged in installation, maintenance, servicing, leakage checking or recovery to organize examinations for their own personnel, evaluate persons and/or grant certificates to these persons (“in-house-certification”). The holders of such certificates should be allowed to to use them if they change employers or start their own business.

National Certification Bodies.

The following list doesn’t cover all EU Member States, since those are experiencing serious delays in the implementaiton of the Regulation. As a result, only a few countries actually have a certification scheme (and official awarding body) in place. The list will therefore be regularly updated, in line with Member States implementation.


Examination institute


Wilhelminalaan 3 – Postbus 12 – 3740 AA Barn (Netherlands)
Tel: +31 (0) 35 542 7520
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Once the trainee has passed examination tests, the F-Gas certificate is granted by the Dutch Ministry of Environment.



2 certification bodies for technicians:

Courses started in January 2009.

Certification bodies develop the course, which is then given by a training provider. Training providers geared up for F-Gas are: