Toxicological profiles of HFC-365mfc (1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane)

Acute toxicity
Oral route, LD 50, rat Inhalation, LC 50, 4 h, rat
> 2,000 mg/kg > 10 %
Irritation Rabbit, non irritant (eyes)
Rabbit, slightly irritant (eyes)
Sensitization Guinea Pig, non sensitizing (skin)
Chronic toxicity
Inhalation, after repeated exposure, rat
Target organ : skeleton, 50,000 ppm, observed effect
No mutagenic effect
Inhalation, after a single exposure, dog
>= 7.5 %, cardiac sensitization following adrenergic stimulation
Comments According to these toxicological results HFC 365mfc can be considered not hazardous in normal conditions of handling and use


Safety Data Sheet of Solvay