Solvents: Technical & Safety Aspects


Fluorocarbons used for solvents:

They were developed to replace mainly CFC-113 and HCFC-141b, that are controlled under the Montreal Protocol. Quite often the HFC is blended with other fluids to obtain tailored properties for specific solvent – uses.

Safety aspects

The listed solvent fluids are non-flammable excl. HFC-365mfc. This one however typically does not exhibit flammability characteristic under normal operating and storage conditions when formulated ready for use. The toxicity profile of mentioned fluids is low with related high average exposure guideline above 200 ppm.

Recovery and recycling

Modern precision cleaning equipment and converted CFC-113 / HCFC-141b systems are designed with integrated fluid recovery by low temperature cooling cascades, esp. for open top vapour degreaser. The recycling of HFCs (and PFCs for some special applications) in these units is basically more efficient as these fluids have a low vapour pressure and typically reduced drag-out losses.