Semidonductor applications: Technical and Safety Applications


The gas is converted into radicals in plasma with a typical utilisation of 20 to 70 %. The unconverted portion is intended to be reacted with off-gas treatment methods which are either commercially available or still under development.

Safety aspects

PFCs are selected for these applications for simply process needs, the need for Fluor radicals. The favourable product efficiency, combined with an easy handling procedure due to the non-toxic classification of PFCs are key.

Recovery and recycling

PFC abatement methods showing the most promise for this, including combustion, plasma, and catalytic methods. The specific production process is basically determining the PFC-gas to be used, with very little flexibility.

The World Semiconductor Council committed to proactively reduce PFC emission from their manufacturing processes. Accordingly, the regional organisations reached consensus to reduce the aggregate absolute emissions by 10% or greater by 2010 versus 1995. This reduction goal will be implemented in each region and a monitoring process will be implemented in order to provide regulatory transparency about the progress. This is a “stretch-goal” as a 10% absolute reductions correlates to a +95% relative reduction level taking the high average growth factor into account.