EFCTC position paper on projected HFC emissions

EFCTC position paper on projected HFC emissions


Concerned with higher emissions, EFCTC has evaluated in a position paper the Projections of Global demand for HFCs. Ongoing technology developments, regulations and other government actions, that are either implemented now or proposed for the near future, will result in significant reductions in the projected emission rates of HFCs.

This pragmatic analysis provides a different perspective on the projections in a recent paper by Velders et al* (see EFCTC Position Paper) which appear to be based on business-as-usual, continuing the rapid increases that occurred during phase out of CFCs. Moreover, the effects of present and future regulations, as well as of technology developments, are not taken into account.

Furthermore, the demand for resources implied by such unchecked growth in HFC consumption would exceed the known and potential reserves of raw materials for the production of HFCs.

* “The large contribution of projected HFC emissions to future climate forcing” by G.J.M. Velders, D.W. Fahey, J.S. Daniel, M. McFarland and S.O. Andersen – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 22 June 2009