The main issues of debate included:

  • Whether there is sufficient capacity or not amongst training providers to cope with certifying by 4th July 2011 the estimated 7/15,000 remaining people who do not have the new qualification as yet. However the message was clearly “Time is running out and if employers do not act now there could be a problem in July”.
  • The policy of government is to encourage and support compliance and F Gas support has authority to act as reporting authority if there are companies who are acting in flagrant infringement of their duties
  • The EU review of the regulation is on-going and a draft report of underlying assumptions by the consultants OKO Recherche has been reviewed by the EU Experts group which included industry representatives. Information about some of these assumptions has been made available for comment and ACRIB will be formulating a UK industry response (copies of the assumptions report are available from ) The next Experts Group meeting to discuss next steps will be in May 2011.

ACRIB will continue to work with the Company Certification Bodies, Individual Certification Bodies (through SummitSkills) and F Gas Support to actively promote compliance with the 4th July deadline.