Monitoring, Reporting, and Data Logging


Logbooks will be a valuable tool for monitoring the performance of your systems. The F-gas regulation requires each operator of a system containing 3 kg of F-gases or more to keep accurate records of all activities performed on the system. This will enable the authorities to check if all requirements of the F-gas regulation are met. For example, they can check if the regular leak checks have been carried out. Based on the data recorded, it will be possible to estimate the emissions of F-gases, and therefore have an impression of the effectiveness of the Regulation, and where the opportunities for improvement lie.

Producers, Importers and Exporters of F-Gases must report their transactions annually to the European Commission and the national authorities. It is important to check if you can be considered as an importer or exporter: If you trade for example with non-EU countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Turkey or Ukraine, you have obligations to report these transactions if they exceed 1´000 kg F-gases in total.