What are the Label Technical Requirements?

There are already a number of technical requirements for equipment and containers due to other legislation, eg WEEE Directive (for equipment) and ADR 2007 -European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (for containers). In addition the F-Gas Regulation sets out technical requirements:

  • The information shall stand out clearly from its background and shall be easily read. The font size shall be at least the minimum size of other information on that label.
  • The label and contents should remain in place and be legible throughout the period in which the product or equipment contains F-Gases.
  • Label information shall be placed either on or adjacent to existing nameplates or product information labels, or adjacent to refrigerant filling points or servicing access locations, as appropriate to ensure visibility to installation and servicing technicians.
    • Where there are multiple separate refrigeration circuits in a single unit, information should be listed for each individual circuit, whether on one label or on separate labels.
    • In split equipment the label information should be on that part of the equipment, which is initially charged with the refrigerant.