Art. 19 : Reporting on HFC production, import, export, feedstock use and destruction

Key changes vs. the previous F-Gas Regulation

  • Importers and exporters of pre-charged equipment are now subject to reporting obligations.
  • Holders of Quota Use Authorisations are subject to reporting obligations
  • Threshold values are now expressed in Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
  • All substances included in Annex I (Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases) and Annex II (other Fluorinated Gases) must be reported
  • Large Producers, Importers, Exporters of bulk must have their reports verified by an independent auditor
  • The intended use applications are expanded.

General Obligations

All undertakings that have reporting obligations must file their reports by 31st of March of each year. Reports can only be filed electronically using the EU F-Gas Portal. Consequently, all undertakings having reporting obligations must be registered in the EU F-Gas Registry, and all undertakings registered must submit a report, even if they have not been actively engaged in any of the reportable activities (“zero report”). The obligations are further specified in Annex VI of the F-Gas Regulation and in the Implementing Regulation 1191/2014.

Producers, Importers and Exporters on Bulk Gases & other Quota Holders

  • Dual threshold: one metric tonne or 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of Annex I and II substances
    • 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent = app. 70 kg of HFC-134a
  • For each individual substance the quantity produced and placed on the market
    • The quantities placed on the market must be reported separately by category
  • Stocks at start and end of calendar year (not for exporters)
  • Quantities recycled, re-claimed and destroyed (not for exporters)
  • Quota authorisations issued by beneficiary (not for exporters)

Undertakings engaging in the destruction of F-Gases

  • Dual Threshold: one metric tonne or 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent
  • The quantities of each substance listed in Annexes I and II destroyed, including the quantities of those substances contained in products or equipment;
  • Any stocks of each substance listed in Annexes I and II waiting to be destroyed, including the quantities of those substances contained in products or equipment;
  • The destruction technology/ies used

Undertakings using F-Gases as a Feedstock

  • Threshold: 1000 T CO2 equivalent; Annex I substances only
  • Use only

Manufacturers, Importer and Exporters of pre-charged Equipment

  • Threshold: 500 T CO2 equivalent.
  • The categories of the products or equipment containing F-Gases;
  • The number of units of each;
  • The quantities of each F-Gas contained in the products or equipment
  • Verification Document for Quota Use Authorisations

Reportable Applications

The reportable applications are listed in Section 6 of Annex I to the Implementing Regulation (1191/2014) (New categories in bold):

  • Military Equipment
  • Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating
  • Other Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Production of foams
  • Production of pre-blended polyols
  • Fire Protection
  • Aerosols
    • Medical Dose Inhalers
    • Other Uses
  • Solvents
  • Feedstock
  • Semiconductor Manufacture
  • Photovoltaics Manufacture
  • Other Electronics Manufacture
  • Electrical Switchgear Equipment
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Magnesium and die-casting applications
  • Anaesthetics
  • Other/Unknown
Additional references

F-Gas Regulation Implementing acts

  • Regulation (EU) No 1191/2014 determining the format and means for submitting the report referred to in Article 19 of the 2014 FGas Regulation

DG CLIMA Guidance documents for F-Gas Regulation

  • Discussion Paper on verification by auditors
  • Reporting: FAQ document for companies reporting on F-Gases
  • Reporting: Manual for Business data repository (BDR)

Gluckman Consulting EU F-Gas Regulation Information Sheets

  • Information Sheet 20: Annual Reporting