Art. 8-9 : Recovery & producer responsibility schemes

Operators of stationary equipment or of refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks and trailers that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases not contained in foams shall ensure that the recovery of those gases is carried out by natural persons that hold the relevant certificates provided for by Article 10 of the F Gas Regulation, so that those gases are recycled, reclaimed or destroyed.

Recovery of F Gases is also required for other products and equipment ‘to the extent that it is technically feasible and does not entail disproportionate cost’. The recovery shall be by ‘appropriately qualified personnel.’

This requires an evaluation of activities where F Gases might be recovered, and if necessary to ensure suitable in-house or external training. Activities that might need re-evaluating in the context of the Regulation are recovery from filling lines, stock tanks, etc.
Member States are to encourage the development of producer responsibility schemes for the recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gases and their recycling, reclamation or destruction.

Additional references

DG CLIMA Guidance documents for F-Gas Regulation

  • Guidance document: Information for technicians and users of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases