Art. 7 : Emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases in relation to production

Article 7 of the F‑Gas Regulation considers emission limitation during production of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Article 7(1) of the F‑Gas Regulation requires that all necessary precautions are taken to limit emissions of fluorinated greenhouse emission during production, by-production, storage and transport.

Article 7(2) of the F‑Gas Regulation seeks to decrease the amount of HFC 23 (Trifluoromethane) released during the production of fluorinated greenhouse gases and gases listed in Annex II by requiring producers and importers to provide evidence, at the time of placing on the market, that any by-produced HFC 23 was destroyed or captured for subsequent use in line with best available techniques.

The European Commission discussion paper on Article 7(2) indicates that this article is principally aimed at HFC 23 by-production as a result of HCFC 22 produced as a feedstock in the HFC and HFO production processes.

EFCTC has drawn up an example format to document the evidence required from the suppliers.
Additional references

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  • Discussion Paper on HFC-23 by-production