Annex V : Calculation of the maximum quantity, reference values and quotas for placing HFCs on the market


The maximum initial quantity for each issued quota is the annual average of the quantity in CO2 equivalent tonnes placed on the market into the Union during the period from 2009 to 2012 (the baseline period). This baseline quantity is 183 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, with an average GWP for the HFCs placed on the market during this period of approximately 2175.

The corresponding approximate annual average quantity of HFCs in metric tonnes placed on the market during the baseline period was about 83000 tonnes. The breakdown of this roughly corresponds to:

HFC-134a -> 50%
HFC-410A -> 12%
HFC-404A -> 23%
Other HFCs -> 15%

From 2018 onwards, the maximum quantity that may be placed on the EU market is calculated by applying the percentages in the table in Annex V (see below) to the total quantity excluding the quantities of HFCs for the usage referred to in Article 15(2), which includes imports of HFCs for destruction, feedstock, exports, used in military applications, etching/vapour deposition and for producing metered dose inhalers for the delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients.

HFC reduction schedule

The maximum quantity that can be placed on the market and the individual quotas are a percentage of the baseline quantity of 183 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent:

2015 2016-17 2018-20 2021-23 2024-26 2027-29 2030
100% 93% 63% 45% 31% 24% 21%

Reduction schedule implications

The steep decline in HFC availability in 2018 due to the large quota reduction will require a major increase in the use of lower GWP HFCs and HFC containing mixtures in order to meet the expected market demand. Assuming that the market demand is similar in 2018 to the baseline quantity then the average GWP for HFCs placed on the market would need to reduce significantly.

  • Average Baseline GWP for HFCs placed on the market approximately: 2175.
  • Required average GWP in 2018 for the same market supply in tonnes: 1370.

In order to achieve such a reduction and maintain supply, if demand remains similar, higher GWP refrigerants in particular HFC-404A will need to be replaced by lower GWP options.

Additional references

FGas Regulation Implementing acts

  • Commission Decision determining on reference values for the period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2017 for each producer or importer who has reported placing on the market FGases under the old FGas Regulation (EC) No 842/2006.