F-Gas Regulation: Case Studies

Case Study – The F-Gas Regulation in Great Britain & Northern Ireland

May 2011

Three mechanisms to successfully implement the F-Gas Regulation: F-Gas Support – Refcom – ACRIB

Download the Case Study in the U.K.

Real Zero Case Study 1 – Retail Refrigeration

Refrigeration Systems in the Retail Sector

The site survey identified that leak testing was not being carried out in full compliance with the F Gas regulations, as well as detecting several leaks and shortage of refrigerant. The report provided recommendations on practical steps to repair existing leaks and reduce the potential for leakage in the future.

Real Zero Case Study 2 – Industrial

Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

The site survey demonstrated to the client how improved leak testing regimes and recording of data could be used to identify and rectify faults at an early stage and the report provided recommendations on practical steps to reduce the potential for leakage in the future.

RealZero :http://www.realzero.org.uk

Illustrated guide to 13 common leaks

Good service and maintenance reduces current leaks and leakage potential. Inadequate service and maintenance can increase the risk of leakage and hence increase the environmental impact of RAC systems. To make your service and maintenance more effective in reducing leaks it helps to know the common leak points – here are the top 13. The causes of leaks at each point are explained as is, more importantly, how they can be avoided.

RealZero : http://www.realzero.org.uk/

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