Containment from System Design to Recycling

This section illustrates the main requirements of the F-Gas Regulation, highlighting key steps needed for responsible use of F-Gases:

  • System design

    For a system that will use fluorinated gases, good design and operating practices can deliver substantial reductions in energy consumption, in fluorocarbons charge sizes and emissions.

  • Containment

    An emphasis on containment is essential whatever refrigerant is chosen. One of the key factors in containment measures is to survey and control all leakage sources, using appropriate monitoring, reporting and data logging (what does “logging” mean exactly? recording appropriate data, as in a ship’s log book, to use a non-chemical example) systems.

  • Training and certification

    Leakage and bad practices are the major source of Fluorinated Gas emissions. One way of overcoming this is to ensure that only competent people handle these products.

  • Recovery and recycling

    It makes environmental and economic sense to recover and recycle HFC refrigerants, during servicing and at the end of equipment service life.

  • Waste disposal

    When the recovered gas is subject for destruction, it is considered waste and has to be treated according to the respective European and national legislation.