Applications and benefits

HFCs enable safe, efficient, refrigeration and air-conditioning as well as foam insulation systems to be implemented cost effectively across a wide range of applications. Their use has enabled the phase-out of CFCs and HCFCs. A new class of fluorocarbons, the HFOs (hydrofluoro-olefins) is enabling the partial replacement of HFCs further reducing environmental impact (greenhouse gas emissions) and offering similar safety and performance benefits.

Even though the use of HFCs is being restricted by the 2014 F-Gas Regulation, they continue to form the best solution for a range of types of equipment in air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration, insulation foams, metered dose inhalers, … Their strength can be found in their safety and energy-efficiency, two aspects that should never be neglected when examining alternative refrigerants and/or processes. With improved containment and replacement by lower GWP solutions where appropriate, HFCs continue forming part of the most optimal refrigerant choices, taking all aspects, including climate change, into account.