Fluorocarbons & : Refrigeration Applications

Refrigeration applicationShort descriptionTypical HFCs used
Domestic Refrigeration Appliances used for keeping food in dwelling units HFC-134a
Commercial Refrigeration Holding and displaying frozen and fresh food in retail outlets R 404A, R 507, HFC-134a
Food Processing and Cold Storage Equipment to preserve, process and store food from its source to the wholesale distribution point R410A, R407C, R 507, HFC-134a
Industrial Refrigeration Large equipment, typically 25 kW to 30 MW, used for chemical processing, cold storage, food processing and district heating and cooling HFC-134a, R-404A, R-507
Transport Refrigeration Equipment to preserve and store goods, primarily foodstuffs, during transport by road, rail, air and sea R410A, R407C, HFC-134a