Fluorocarbons & Sulphur Hexafluoride: Air conditioning - Stationary

HFCs are a very efficient and effective option for the diverse range of air-conditioning applications in Europe. The obvious application is air-conditioning for human comfort, but it has also an important role to play in keeping hygienic conditions in hospitals or retirement houses, or in ensuring controlled conditions for sophisticated computer systems.

In the case of comfort or hygienic applications, due to the range of climatic conditions across Europe, their use is more important in southern Europe.

In domestic dwellings, air-conditioning equipments are typically direct units, and may be portable units, or small split units through to multi-split systems for whole dwellings. Many large commercial offices, retail premises and hotels, can have central chillers in plant rooms utilising a secondary chilled water system. Smaller commercial offices and retail buildings can have very sophisticated multi-split systems (VRF) which can provide heating and cooling in different parts of the building, allow for heat recovery, and are very efficient.

The selection of an HFC for a particular air conditioning application depends on a number of technical factors including capacity, compressor type, condenser operating temperature and pressure, and heat exchanger type.