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The trialogue negotiation between the EU co-legislators (Council, EU Parilament, Commission) has started on October 7th.

Three meetings already took place.

See Common Industry comments on the F-Gas Review.

January 2014 : Indicative plenary sitting date  : 13/01/2014

EPPE Statement  : European Parliament asks for the impossible and does not care who pays the bill
1) Procedure File page
2) PreLex Page (Monitoring of the decision-making process between institutions)
3) Impact Assessment (Dir G) :  Impact Assessment on fluorinated greenhouse gases
See also :EFCTC Position on the Revision of the F-Gas RegulationEFCTC PR on the draft Report on the European Parliament and of the Council on Fluorinated Gases



The Proposal differs from an earlier draft that was leaked early October.

It will follow the normal path of the EU legislative process :

  • A Council Position must be adopted
  • The EU Parliament first reading (in 2013) can vote to accept it
  • If not, EU Parliament’s amendments will be brought to a second reading (in 2014 very probably), leading to the conciliation process.

More info

Commission’s PR on the Draft Proposal publication (extracts)

The proposed revision of the F-gas Regulation aims to reduce F-gas emissions by two-thirds of today's levels by 2030. It also bans the use of F-gases in some new equipment where viable more climate-friendly alternatives are readily available.
Today's proposal introduces a phase-down measure from 2015 which limits the total amount of the most significant group of F-gases - hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – that can be sold in the EU and reduces this in steps to one fifth of today's sales by 2030.

MOP 24 Presentation - Proposed EU Regulation on F-Gases


Additional Information

SKM Enviros study Phase Down of HFC Consumption in the EU – Assessment of Implications for the RAC Sector - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


Earlier Draft

The November 2012 Draft Proposal 643(2012) differs from an earlier draft that leaked early October.

Positions commenting on the earlier Revision proposal

EFCTC Position Paper - Comments to the proposal for an F-Gas Regulation (1/10/2012)


EPEE Press release - A cap and phase-down of F-Gases is the most cost-effective measure to reduce direct emissions from heating and cooling (4/10/2012)

AFCE - Position de l’AFCE face à la révision du règlement 842/2006 (in French)


A service contract has been awarded, whose main objectives are:

  • Reviewing international and national markets and policies on F-Gases;
  • assessing the effectiveness of the present regulation;
  • developing implementation options for an international emission reduction
    arrangement for HFCs and other F-gases and identifying technically feasible,
    effective, efficient and consistent options for further EU action;
  • analysing the economic, social and environmental impacts of identified options.

Contract Specifications


•    ACRIB -  Statement on the F-Gas Review
•    AREA - Review of Regulation 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases
•    EPEE Position Paper: Recommendations for improvement of the F-Gas Regulation.
•    EUROVENT Position Paper : on the review of the Regulation (EC) no. 842/2006
•    JBCE - JRAIA Joint Position Paper on the F-Gas Review