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Latest News (April 2014)

Council adopts regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases.

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PE-CONS 1/14 COR 1


The final text will be published on the Official Journal soon.
It  will enter into force twenty days after the publication.


The final agreed text for the F-Gas Regulation review was approved on 17th December 2013 by the European Member States ambassadors. It has been accepted by a vote, firstly in the Parliament Environment Committee and then in the Parliament plenary, where it was adopted by 644 votes to 19, with 16 abstentions. The EU Council of Ministers will vote on it on 14 April.


The Regulation establishes the following:

  • Cap and phase-down for the placing on the market of HFCs.
  • Bans or restrictions based on GWP of the use of F-gases in some new equipment, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, insulating foams and technical aerosols.
  • Conditions (for example, reporting on quantities of HFCs contained and the need for HFC import quotas) on the placing on the market of products and equipment. containing or relying upon F-gases.
  • Future restrictions on servicing/maintenance of equipment using HFCs.
  • Rules regarding containment, use, recovery and destruction of HFCs.
  • The Regulation will apply from 1 January 2015.

The aim of the agreed regulation is to reduce F-gas emissions by two-thirds of today's levels by 2030 and to encourage the use of viable and more climate-friendly alternatives where they are readily available.

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Brief Notes on European Parliament/Council agreement on the revision of F-Gas regulation (842/2006/EC).

On 19th June 2013, the ENVI Committee adopted compromise amendments to the Commission’s  Draft Proposal 643 (2012) .

See: EFCTC Position on EU Parliament ENVI Committee vote on F-Gas Regulation


The EU Commission’s Draft Proposal 643 (2012) for the revision of the existing F-gas Regulation 842(2006) was made public on November 7, 2012.

Summary of the Commission’s Proposal, detailing the main new elements compared with the present F-gas Regulation 842(2006)

The Draft Proposal’s main elements are :

  • A gradual HFC phase-down, with a freeze in 2015, first reduction step in 2016 and reaching 21% of the HFC quantities sold in 2008-2011 by 2030. Quantities allowed to be placed on the market will be allocated by a quota system.
  • A number of market restrictions (with different deadlines) for HFCs having a GWP higher than 150 in domestic refrigerators and freezers or movable air-conditioners, and higher than 2,500 in commercial refrigerators and freezers.
  • A ban by 2020 of servicing existing refrigeration equipment with HFCs having a GWP higher then 2,500.
  • A pre-charging HFCs into equipments before they will be installed will not be allowed (by 2016)



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