Repair and rechecking of leaks after they are discovered

After leak tests have been carried out, the Regulation wires the end user to ensure that the leak is properly prepared.


The regulation does not specify a specific timetable between discovery of a leak and the repair. It simply states that: "the leak must be repaired as soon as possible".

After a leak has been repaired it must be rechecked for leakage within one month.

Required Qualifications

The regulation specifies that personnel carrying out leak repairs must be suitably qualified. At this stage the qualifications required to carry out the leak test are still unclear. The Commission is trying to agree a framework that will help specify minimum requirements. These will need to be transposed into national legislation in each member state of the EU. Further information about qualifications will be posted on the Figaroo website as soon as possible. It is worth noting that the qualifications for leak testing may be different to those qualifications there will be required for more "intrusive" activities such as leak repair, refrigerant removal and addition and general plant maintenance.

Implementation Date

The requirement for repairing leaks begins in July 2007. This date will apply both to leaks identified during the mandatory regular leak checks and also to leaks discovered during other maintenance activities.