What is meant by "End User"?

The information on this web page is specifically aimed at end users of:

Many of the obligations in the F-Gas Regulation are specifically aimed at the use of these types of equipment. The usage covers a massive range of sizes and applications, ranging from domestic refrigerators to large industrial systems.

The types of end user most likely to be affected by this Regulation include:

  • Industrial companies (especially in sectors using refrigeration or air-conditioning, such as food and drink manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cold stores, printing, semi-conductors, rubber and plastics).
  • Commercial companies such as supermarkets, other food retail, hospitality (pubs, restaurants, hotels) and offices.
  • Public sector organisations such as Government buildings, hospitals, leisure facilities and schools/universities.

The responsibility for compliance with the F-Gas Regulation is mainly placed on the end user (referred to in the Regulation as the "operator") of the equipment. Click Operator for a more detailed explanation of the legal definition of who is responsible for implementing the Regulation.

Note, that the guidance for end users on this webpage only relates to stationary applications. The users of mobile equipment, especially mobile air-conditioning in cars, are not specifically targeted by the Regulation. Companies involved in car air-conditioning maintenance do have obligations – see the contractors section of this website.