Which refrigerants are affected by the Regulation

The Regulation affects any systems that use HFC refrigerants. It also affects PFC refrigerants, although these are relatively unusual.

The most commonly used pure HFC refrigerant is R134a. Most HFC refrigerants are blends. Common examples include R404A, R407C and R410A.

Many refrigeration and air-conditioning users have systems that use R22. This is not an HFC – it is an HCFC. R22 is not affected by the F-Gas regulation, although it is subject to a phase-out schedule in the EU Ozone Regulation 2037/2000.

A number of refrigerants are referred to as HCFC blends. In most cases these are blends of both HCFC and HFC components. Refrigerants of this type are affected by the F-Gas regulation and are also affected by the Ozone Regulation. Example refrigerants in this category include R403B and R408A.

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