What is meant by "Distributor"?

The advice given in this section of the Figaroo website relates to three different types of distributor, as follows:
  • Refrigerant distributors.
    These are companies that are dedicated to the supply of refrigerant gases. They are often involved in refrigerant recycling as well as the supply of virgin refrigerants. Such companies might also be involved in the import and export of refrigerant gases.
  • Refrigeration component wholesalers.
    These are companies that supply a wide range of refrigeration plant components such as piping, valves, compressors, heat exchangers etc. Many wholesalers are also major distributors of refrigerants.
  • Refrigeration system distributors.
    These are companies that distribute specific types of refrigeration system, often that are imported - for example, a company supplying a particular make of split system air-conditioning unit.

The obligations under the F-Gas regulation depend on the type of distributor in question. The different obligations clarified below.