Example Record Sheet

The table below shows an example record sheet for compliance with the F-Gas Regulation. Records must be kept for each plant that contains more than 3 kg of HFC refrigerant.

General Information
Plant Name Reference N°
Location of plant
Plant Operator
Operator Contact
Cooling loads served
Refrigerant Type Refrigerant Quantity installed (kg)
Plant manufacturer Year of installation
Refrigerant Additions
Date Engineer Amount Added, kg Reason for addition
Refrigerant Removals
Date Engineer Amount Added, kg Reason for removal, What was done with recovered refrigerant
Leak Tests
Date Engineer Test Result Follow up actions required
Follow-up Actions
Date Engineer Related to test on Actions Taken
Testing of Automatic Leak Detection System (if fitted)
Date Engineer Test Result Comments

[1] Name and address of company operating the plant

[2] Contact details for Operator's nominated person responsible for F-Gas compliance

[3] Identify both the Company and the actual Technician carrying out the work, with contact details – to provide evidence of competence.