Keeping records about leak checks and the addition or removal of refrigerant

A very important obligation that applies to end users is to keep records about each plant that uses HFC refrigerants.

Scope of the obligation for record keeping

Records must be kept about each system with more than 3 kg of HFC refrigerant (this applies to both normal and hermetically sealed systems).

Records to be kept

The records must include:

  • The quantity and type of F -Gas refrigerants installed in each system
  • Any quantities of refrigerant added
  • Any quantities of refrigerant recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.
  • The dates and results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks.
  • Other relevant information including the identification of the company and technician who performed any leak tests, leak repairs, servicing or maintenance,
  • Relevant information specifically identifying the separate stationary equipment containing 30kg or more of refrigerant

These records shall be made available on request to the competent authority and to the Commission.

Example Record Logsheet

Click example record to see a template for the type of information that must be recorded.

Implementation Date

The requirement for record keeping for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems containing above 3 kg of F-Gas refrigerants begins in July 2007.