What the F-Gas Regulation is trying to ge contractors to achieve

The F-Gas Regulation is aimed at reducing emissions of the fluorinated greenhouse gases such as HFCs. These are highly "potent" gases which could contribute to global warming if they are released to the atmosphere. In refrigeration and air-conditioning markets the Regulation will achieve this by improving containment, i.e. minimising leakage and ensuring that refrigerants are not vented during servicing or plant decommissioning.

For contractors the Regulation is trying to ensure that your staff have adequate qualifications to carry out any tasks that involve the handling of HFC refrigerants. The Regulation also ensures that your customers have an obligation to carry out certain tasks including regular leak checks and the repair of leaks.

The main legal obligations on contractors relate to the training of your staff and ensuring that your staff make every practical effort to minimise emissions from systems they are working on. It is important to note that the success of the Regulation will rely on contractors making sure that their customers do not try and ignore the key legal obligations that are placed on them. This means that contractors must be fully familiar with the rules being applied to end users.