Tools and Tips

Contractors should consider the best way in which they can help their customers meet the end user obligations. Some of the issues that end users will find hardest are as follows:
  • Identifying which plants fall under the regulation and, in particular, which of the size thresholds might apply.
  • Understanding the appropriate methods to carry out the regular leak tests.
  • Setting up and maintaining the correct records required under the Regulation.
  • Ensuring that technicians working on their plants are properly qualified and certified.

Contractors are often the best qualified organisations to help address these issues. Contractors will find it helpful to build up a "knowledge base" of useful information related to the regulation. The Figaroo website provides much of this information. In addition some Member States have prepared useful guidance material for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

For example the UK government have tried to provide advice about the best ways of identifying the amount of refrigerant in a system. They have prepared a comprehensive guidance note that is accompanied by a spreadsheet tool that can be used to make an estimate of refrigerant charge. This tool may prove very useful to refrigeration contractors. It can be accessed on the following website: