Product and Container Labels

The Regulation requires that any new refrigeration or air-conditioning product or equipment that is sold containing F-Gas refrigerants must be properly labelled. This obligation is the responsibility of the OEM for a factory charged system or the installation contractor for a site charged system.

There is also a requirement to label any containers of F-Gas Refrigerants (e.g. refrigerant cylinders).

The label must be attached on the product containing the F-Gas, if possible being placed adjacent to the service points for the addition or removal of refrigerant.

The label must clearly and indelibly show:

  • The type of F-Gas being used, using the accepted industry nomenclature.
  • The quantity of F-Gas in the product.
  • That the equipment or container contains fluorinated greenhouse gases that are covered by the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Hermetically sealed systems shall be labelled as such.
Information about the F-Gas used, including data on the GWP (global warming potential) should be included in the instruction manuals provided with the product or equipment.

Implementation Date. This requirement came into force in July 2007.