Rewarded DCBs contain SF6 as an insulation medium, keeping their size down, requiring less space and allowing easier installations, as they eliminate the need for separate disconnectors on each side of the circuit breaker. The smaller number of installed components also increases the grid safety and reliability.

Environmentally, DCBs perform very well since SF6 losses at almost zero and energy losses and consequently CO2 emissions are reduced compared to conventional equipment.

The DCB has become almost standard for the Swedish National Grid and just recently, the hundredth unit was ordered.

The prize was shared with a butterfly expert, Ingemar Frycklund, whose studies have shown that several butterfly species threatened with extinction can find a protected place to live under power lines.


Disconnecting circuit breaker – DCB , are circuit breakers where the breaker’s own contacts, which are protected in the SF6 breaking chamber, also provide the disconnecting function. The DCB thus replaces the conventional combination of circuit breaker and adjacent disconnectors.

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