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Immediately after the publication of the F-Gas Regulation (EC) No 842/2006, EFCTC and EPEE developed an electronic tool for operators of equipment to facilitate their mandatory record keeping of the quantity and type of F-Gases that were installed, added or recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal. The tool was named ‘The logbook’ and has been downloaded by hundreds of companies to voluntarily monitor their refrigerant usage.

The revised F-Gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 includes new record keeping requirements. These apply to operators of equipment containing F-Gases in quantities of ≥ 5 tonnes of CO2-equivalent and to hermetically sealed equipment containing F-Gases in quantities of ≥ 10 tonnes of CO2-equivalent. Foams and the majority of electrical switchgear equipment are excluded.

For each piece of equipment the records should specify the following information:

(a) the quantity and type of F-Gases installed;
(b) the quantities of F-Gases added during installation, maintenance or servicing or due to leakage;
(c) whether the quantities of installed F-Gases have been recycled or reclaimed, including the name and address of the recycling or reclamation facility and, where applicable, the certificate number;
(d) the quantity of F-Gases recovered;
(e) the identity of the undertaking which installed, serviced, maintained and where applicable repaired or decommissioned the equipment, including, where applicable, the number of its certificate;
(f) the dates and results of the checks carried out under Article 4(1) to (3);
(g) if the equipment was decommissioned, the measures taken to recover and dispose of the F-Gases.

With the aim of helping operators of F-Gas containing equipment to comply with the above-mentioned requirements, EFCTC decided update and redesign the original logbook. The 2014 version includes:

  • fields to fill in relevant information including the identification of the company or technician who performed the servicing or maintenance
  • the list of equipment mentioned in Art. 4.2 of Regulation (EU) 517/2014
  • the possibility to introduce dates and results of the checks carried out
  • automatic calculation of CO2 equivalents
  • more than 60 refrigerants and 60 blends with their GWP values (taken from Annexes I and II of Regulation (EU) 517/2014)
  • a GWP calculator for new blends
  • printable output possibility

The new log-book is available


The EFCTC logbook is provided free of charge, but registration is required to download.

EFCTC invites all users to send questions and/or suggestions to fluorocarbons@cefic.be.

Inclusion of HFCs in the Montreal Protocol

EFCTC expresses its appreciation for the assistance provided by Trane in the testing of a pilot version of the 2014 logbook. The update was performed by Jasper Decock , a Professional bachelor in Electromechanics, option climatisation. His thesis work at the Vives Katholieke Hogeschool (Kortrijk, BE) consisted of comparing different refrigerants for freezer applications.

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