27 July 2004
Brussels (Belgium)

Responsible use of HFCs

Brussels - On July 27 2004, EPEE and EFCTC organized in Brussels a workshop on the theme «Responsibleuse of HFCs ». The aim of the workshop was a practical presentation –including a live demonstration of equipment- of the principles ofcontainment, maintenance operations and monitoring of HFCs inrefrigeration and air conditioning applications....

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29 September 2003

F-gases: Responsible Use, Energy and Environment


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23 June 2003

La gestione dei gas fluorurati: una sfida per il futuro


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07 November 2002

Programa europeo sobre cambio climático: la gestión de los gases fluorados – un reto


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16 April 2002
Brussels (Belgium)

European climate change programme: Managing F-Gases – The way forward

Brussels - A stakeholder workshop, hosted by the European Fluorocarbon industry, discussed possible plans by the European Commission to regulate the use of fluorinated gases on 16 April. In an open and transparent debate, the representatives of European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee (EFCTC) and the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) expressed their doubts over some of the Commission's intentions, pointing to the positive energy effiency and safety aspects of the use of these gases....

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