PFC 3 1 10 Toxicological profile

PFC-3-1-10 (decafluorobutane)

Acute inhalation toxicity: (rat): relatively harmless.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; sep 15, 1992; min 58/920933)

Cardiac sensitization: (dog): not a cardiac sensitizer.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; dec 02, 1992; min 62b/921211)

Two-week repeat dose preliminary inhalation toxicity (ratat a target concentration of 10,000 ppm (10%), no treatment-related effects were noted for clinical signs, body weight, food consumption, water consumption, macroscopic pathology or organ weights.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; dec 14, 1992; min 60/921530)

90 day inhalation study in rats: no treatment-related effects were observed in this study in which rats were exposed to 5,000 ppm, 15,000 ppm, and 50,000 ppm of the test material for 6 hours per day, 5 days per week for a total of 13 weeks. these results indicate that the toxicity of the test material following repeated inhalation exposure is very low and suggest that the gas can be treated as a simple asphyxiant.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; jun 14, 1993; min 61/930522)

Bacterial mutation assay:. salmonella typhimurium (strains ta 1535, ta 1537, ta 1538, ta 98 and ta 100) and a tryptophan dependent mutant of esherichia coli (wp uvra): not mutagenic.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; dec 10, 1992; min 96/921385)

Chromosomal aberration test in cultured mammalian cells: non-clastogenic
(Japan Bioassay Laboratory; mar 10, 1994; 5929)